Prices for translations Belgrade

Prices for translations Belgrade

Price list for translation of documents by the office Documentum

The translation price is based on the number of characters or pages of documents. For example, a translation page is based on 1,650 characters (including blank spaces), while for the translation of the document, each commenced translation page is payable.

Prices of translation for natural persons

Prices for the translation of natural persons for the office

Prices of translation for legal persons

Prices for the translation of legal persons for the office

Other services for translation

Additional translation services available at the Documentum translation office in Belgrade

Special prices for translations

The final price of the translation can be agreed depending on the need and complexity of the text, as well as the time for which the translation, verification and delivery of the document should be made. Emergency translations include the cost of a regular translation, an emergency allowance, extra hours and night work.Translation verification of the translated texts is 400 dinars per page, with mandatory translation checking. Translations that are delivered for authentication and are translated using the Google Translate application (Google Translate) will not be accepted. If you have special requests for translation, use our contact form : Authorized translator Voždovac, Authorized translator Belgrade Center or write to us here directly:

Special prices for translations

Security of a document you wish to send

Initially, you need to use the inquiry form above. Only when you receive an answer from us, then you can send the document in an electronic format for translation.

Call us by phone

If you do not have time to fill in the form, you can call us immediately by phone. You just need to click on a phone number:

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